Curry Puffs - One $4 Two $7 Three $10 (V/Vegan Options available)

Started from my grandma, now we here. A recipe now onto its 3rd generation: mashed curried potatoes and sauteed onions encased in our handmade flaked pastry, deep fried to golden brown glory. Choose from either chicken or mushroom (vegan) options.

KLFC (GF)- 3 Pieces $10 
10 Pieces $28.5

If Colonel Sanders came from Malaysia, it’ll end up sorta like this; fried chicken from the mean streets of Kuala Lumpur. Marinated overnight in a spice paste with 15 ingredients; crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

Roti and Vegetable Curry $10

One of the many gifts the Indian community brought to Malaysia and perfect with last night’s curry - pan-fried flatbread served with a side of vegetable curry

Laksa (GF on request)
Chicken $15.9 Prawn $16.9 Combo $17.9

What’s a Malaysian restaurant without this OG? Equal parts nood(le)s, spiced prawn and coconut broth and topping of your choice that is cooked with a whole lotta TLC #LaksaWaterfalls

Nasi Goreng - $15.9 (V or GF on request)

Aka the Emperor who built the Great Wall. Rice fried in our special black sauce with chicken and prawns, served with a fried egg sunny side up.


Char Kway Teow $15.9 (V) on request

Anthony Bourdain’s favourite noodle dish (RIP): flat rice noodles fried in high-heat with our house-made dark and chili sauces, chinese sausage, fish cake, scrambled egg, bean sprouts and chives. Taste the wok hei.

Mee Goreng $15.9 (V) on request

The instant noodles do not compare nor do it justice: hokkien noodles fried in a sweet and spicy sauce, chicken breast, egg, fish cake, tomato, bean sprouts and lettuce. Another speciality of the Indian community of Malaysia.

Nasi Lemak (GF/V/Vegan On Request)

One Side $13.9 Two Sides $15.9

The national dish loved so much that some even tried to turn it into a gelato flavour (for real) - steamed coconut rice accompanied with sliced cucumbers, acar, fried peanuts, ikan balis, a hard boiled egg and sambal. For your side choose between: vegetable curry, KLFC, nyonya chicken curry or beef rendang.

Beef Rendang with Rice (GF) - $15.9

Beef and gravy, but with a major plot twist. Slow cooked overnight to ideal tenderness in a homemade gravy with notes of turmeric, kaffir lime and toasted coconut. Served with steamed rice.

Chicken Curry with Rice(GF) - $14.9

A dish that dates back to the 15th century and a by-product of the first Chinese immigrants to Malaysia. Tender thigh fillets and baby potatoes in a sauce rich in spiced coconut gravy, curry leaves, cinnamon sticks and star anise. Served with steamed rice.


Teh Tarik $5 (V)

Also known as the greatest milk tea ever (accept no imitations) - almost velvet like in complexion, expertly brewed that gets a balance of sweet and slight bitterness

Teh O Limau $5 (V) (Vegan)

Homemade iced lemon tea. Sweet, bitter and sour in varying measures but an all around thirst quencher.

Cans $3.5 (V)

The usual suspects available with some Malaysian drinks featuring time to time